About Coalition

Coalition against Hate is a unique alliance of non-governmental groups which combat xenophobia and anti-Semitism, nationalistic and religious intolerance, violence on the grounds of hatred and discrimination.  We had united to make our opinion more meaningful through significant use of the Internet community capabilities, of monitoring the situation, and more effective mutual actions.    

Our goal is objective documenting of facts and findings on incidents received as a result of monitoring, their analysis, and presentation of Coalition participants opinions.
Coalition against Hate is created after the initiative of the Union of Councils of Jews in the Former Soviet Union (UCSJ) and Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG).  Many other organizations from the Post-Soviet area had joint the Coalition later on:  International Youth Human Rights Movement, Belarus Helsinki Committee, Ukrainian Center of Civil Liberties, Institute for Freedom of Conscience in Russia, and many others.  

We are glad for expanding the boundaries of this Coalition and participation of greater number of organizations.  

Please contact us:  Russian Federation, Moscow 123056, Krasin per., 15,  mhg@mhg.ru

UCSJ (Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union)

The UCSJ was formed in 1970 as part of the Movement to Free Soviet Jewry, a response to the oppression of Jews in the Soviet Union and other countries of the Soviet bloc.  This is public human rights non-governmental organizaiton principally sponsored by Jewish communities works with the former Soviet Union states and specialized on monitoring human rights.  In 1989 UCSJ had held its first international annual meeting in Moscow - first in the Soviet history public conference initiated by the international human rights non-governmental organization.  Within this conference UCSH had assisted leaders of Soviet dissident movement to hold open public conference.  In 1990 UCSJ had organized its first Bureau  on Human Rights and Law Provision . This was the first western-type human rights non-governmental organization with officially registered office in the Soviet land.  Since that time UCSJ and MHG had created monitoring partner networks in Russia.  UCSJ also initiated human rights monitoring bureaus in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and in Latvia.  

Today UCSK continues to public periodic reports on observing human rights in different republics of the former USSR, daily bulletins and weekly electronic newspaper “Bigotry Monitor.”  It organized briefings for the US administration, Congress on regular basis, and UCSJ’s messages are used in annual reports of the State Department on Human Rights and Religious Freedoms in the former USSR countries.  For more detailed information please refer to 

Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG)

MHG is the eldest human rights non-governmental organization in Russia founded in 1976.  The primary task of MHG is to monitor violations of human rights and assistance in development of civil society in Russian Federation.  MHG coordinates the network of local non-governmental organizations that is spread over all Russian regions, monitors human rights violations, and assistance to victims of such violations.  More detailed information could be found at mhg.ru